“How to Master the Art of Meditation”

“How to Master the Art of Meditation”

“You’ve mastered the Art of Meditation when you have ignited the power to mute insignificant conversations that surround you.  How to ignite this power?

Master the Art of Concentration.

Step 1: Choose a quiet space free from any sound, people, cell phone or distractions.

Step 2: Set the atmosphere with aromatherapy tools.  Open the windows in the space and Burn Sage in every corner of the room while speaking out loud the 37th Psalm. This practice rids of nay negative energy that has lingered.

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Step 3: Once your space is free of negativity, light your lavender candle and begin breathing: Inhale and exhale from the throat, then the chest, then the belly.  Repeat until ALL stress has been released from within.

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Step 4: Once you are free from the heaviness of life, light an incense to set an intention for the day.  Repeat this intention into a mantra to speak throughout the entire day, in mind.  The Frangrance will trigger a peaceful reminder to repeat this mantra.

Mantra:  “I am love, full of joy and peace”

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“Favor is when Opportunity meets Preparation”~ NHF

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