Hey there Beauty Schools!!

In today’s competitive market, is your Cosmetology school meeting the 79% state placement criteria for graduating students?

What differentiates your Cosmetology school from all the others?

Are students talking about the superior education they’ve received in all aspect of running a salon from styling to management?

Are salons seeking your students over the other Cosmetology schools?

Does your school offer the necessary cultural competency for teaching ALL types of cultural differences in skin and hair?

If not, here’s a list of ideas that will assist the success of a High Standard Beauty School:

-Effective teaching and learning methods, tools and techniques that lead to licensing.

-Educate students on the business side of Salon and Spa management training targeting proven strategies and procedures covering time management, product knowledge, retail sales, professionalism and other pertinent topics.

-Effective, onsite Internships/On-the-job Training programs that lead to full employment

-Increase the percentage of students passing the Ohio State Board Exam.

-Teach students the necessary competencies for care and maintenance of the hair needs of a culturally diverse clientele.

Once you implement a few of these ideas and master the success of the idea, you will become the go to school for ALL that desire becoming a beauty professional.

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