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We eradicate emotional paralysis through entrepreneurial strategies by utilizing emotional well-being to empower, guide and create solutions to unveil the economic depression that hovers over underserved communities of color. I will guide them to move from being just consumers to healers, producers, innovators, and contributors of their community.

$325 per hour

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Doula of Entrepreneurship Consultation.


"Nicole Lee's writings has truly blessed me with some incredible insight- filled with positive vibrations, guidance and insight to awakening your own inner healer. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar. I am so grateful to know Nicole as my friend and mentor." Amanda J.

"Your business success is clearly a testament to how you have allowed yourself to serve+and pour into those around you and rather than narrowly focusing on where growth should come from, you are open to opportunities everywhere, through expected and unexpected avenues. Truly refreshing and beautiful."~ Jess A.

“I was going thru a rough period in my business life. She offered me tool s to help get rid of my negative thoughts.” ~Chris J.

"Thank you Nicole ❤️ for an amazing lesson yesterday. I'm so glad that I attended.  I am mustering up all of my confidence, trust, and gumption to take full advantage of the opportunities. You are so nurturing and empowering and powerful and kind 🙂 and I'm grateful for your guidance and for our connection."~ Jenna B.

“Nicole gave me the framework for prioritizing. She helped me move in the direction of simplicity.” ~Julia B.

“I expressed how I was not in a “happy” place and that I have no idea how to change it. Nicole let me ramble for about 30 minutes never interrupting but taking it all in and from that she was able to map and piece together the steps that I need to begin taking. When I left our meeting I felt empowered, enlightened as well as I felt that there was some light at the end of the tunnel that I couldn’t see before. Nicole’s technique is powerful as she can pull out things out of you that may be lying dormant inside.” ~ Marcia W

“Nicole has a comforting spirit that makes it easy to be at ease with her. She always manages to challenge me and push me to the next level. Her technique is a beautiful blend of a reality check and compassion.”- Dr. Amber Kelly, CEO of Community Engagement Collective.

“I was an emotional mess! I was worried about money and had very extreme frustrations that were causing me to doubt the laws of the universe. I did not believe that the Creator was speaking to me anymore. I felt lost. And after speaking to Ms. Lee, she reminded me of the TRUTH and the power of me KNOWING the truth! This allowed me to step outside of the problem and shift into the solution."~Lynn B.


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