“My name is Nicole Lee – Loving mother of 3, published author, Counsel to the Entrepreneur and founder of Warrior Moms with advanced knowledge of universal law coupled with business success strategies, personal growth and spiritual tools to enhance
one’s life.

During my spiritual journey, God has been guiding my entire walk. By knowing and listening to his voice and being obedient to the calling, God has spoken this truth to me:
“Baby girl, close down the Salon and worry not of ANY finances. You and your children WILL be cared for during this transition. I will return to you 100-fold of blessings and favor upon you and your children if you would position yourself as a FULL-TIME mom and begin writing books of your knowledge in order to become  financially, emotionally, and physically successful by way of your THOUGHTS. “Intellectual property is the highest commodity.”

During this journey as a new published author, new titles would ignite during my dream state of being, the message would flow in mind and I would begin to write. This writing journey is mystical and is linked to a higher source within the Universe. Now, I am the
author of 9 published books that share insight of blissful living and tools that align the body, mind and spirit.

In the in between time, God blessed me with an opportunity as the 2016 People’s Liberty grantee. The Warrior Moms Project is founded on the premise that single mothers are unrecognized warriors who deserve to be celebrated for their strength. A documentary was produced and screened at the Cindependant Film Festival. As founder of Warrior Moms, this journey has become a 501C-3 Non-Profit social enterprise. Warrior Moms
Mission: To enable the single mother the ability to eradicate emotional paralysis that comes from living in poverty.” ~Nicole Lee

Do you desire insight, visual solutions, tools and publications to assist with aligning your Body, Mind and Spirit during our current times while operating as a Single Mom, Entrepreneur, Beauty Professional and/or Warrior?



• WMBE Certified

• Founder of Warrior Moms

• 2016 Peoples Liberty Grantee Recipient

• 2007 Nefertiti Award Winner

• President of BOBSA Ohio Chapter


“Nicole Lee’s writings has truly blessed me with some incredible insight- filled with positive vibrations, guidance and insight to awakening your own inner healer. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar. I am so grateful to know Nicole as my friend and mentor.”~ Amanda J.


I Send LOVE, Healing and LIGHT to you ALL!

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