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Do you desire insight on Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Chakra Healing, Sexual Soul-Ties, Positive Affirmations, How to Write Your Own Book, Tools to Eradicating Emotional Paralysis, Spiritual Warfare and understanding of the SHIFT that we're experiencing Now?

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"Healing Cosmetologist is one of the most empowering book that teaches, uplifts and builds empires all while healing the spirit! Great book Nicole!” -Azaan K.

"Nicole teaches self-motivation, hope, healing, business, positive affirmations, and spiritual guidance." ~Tamika O.

"Nicole has been given a gift and a special message especially for those who are able to read between the lines and see the enormous potential both financially and spiritually!" ~Brett F.

“I truly believe that Nicole’s books could be of benefit for those desiring greater growth and a higher consciousness experience in their work field and relationships."~ Scott H.

Nicole’s book is a guide for every feeling that we as mother's go through during motherhood. Anytime I have a negative feeling, I pull out this book because it will bring me back.” ~ Marcia W.

"This book is a great tool for me to stay in line with my goals and the things I want in life. I now have affirmations that I speak daily, and I feel much better." ~ LaTasha H.




10 Months with 10 Grand

This book is the creation of a project grant gifted through Peoples Liberty by ways of the US Bank Haile Foundation. The Warrior Moms Project book shares the beginning of the journery of Warrior Moms 501C-3 social enterprise.




Warrior Survival Kit

Warrior Survival Kit: This is a journal book that offers tools to overcome emotional paralysis of toxic stress, depression and anxiety.



Healing Cosmetologist

Healing Cosmetologist, reveals step by step insight on how to be successful in the business of Beauty and power that lies in the hands of a Beauty Professional by understanding the Energy of a client.



How to Eradicate Fear - A Guide for Everybody

In this book, I will share and offer tools to use to overcome the negative emotions that seems to manifest overtime during one’s life journey.



Wisdom of a Queen

Having the ability to write a thought beyond my own thinking is fascinating to me. The language that comes upon me in thought is not of my own, it comes from above.



How to Write and Publish My Own Book

Your story will help someone….so write, copyright it to protect it, hire an editor, then publish it to receive royalties from your story being told! Intellectual Property is the Highest Commodity!



Healing Beauty

Barbers and Cosmetologists have a power to influence people in a very real and positive manner. When a client allows you to use your skills to make them more beautiful (inside and out), they are usually showing a great deal of trust.


Book + Small Earrings = $10

Book + Medium Earrings = $15

Book + Large Earrings = $20

Don't Touch My Hair

Did you know that your hair is an antenna that transmits and receives thoughts outside of your 5 senses? It carries energy of vibrations within each strand, holding information about an individual’s spirit and is often transferred through the power of touch.

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How to Eradicate Emotional Paralysis - A Guide for Single Mothers

In this book, I will share and offer tools to use to overcome the emotional paralysis that seems to manifest overtime during a single mother’s life journey.




Composed of short stories about how to ignite blissful living. These short stories are my personal testimonies of how I FINALLY found joy within my spirit without anything external.