“Awaken the Christ Consciousness from within”

“Awaken the Christ Consciousness from within”

The shift is an awakening to our true identity. It is the light being switched on in each and every one of us to the conscious understanding of who and what we truly are. Part of the knowledge I received is that we are a Soul having Human experiences.” ~ Healing Cosmetologist Copyright © August 2015 Nicole Lee

“To be Enlightened is to be Awake.  Christ consciousness is a mind of peace and stillness.  To achieve such, one must practice quieting the mind thru meditation.  Being in control of your thoughts awakens the true identity of Self.  Your truest Self, the I AM, aligns to higher consciousness which opens the gateway to receiving thoughts from the Higher Energy Source God of the Universe.  This is the AWAKENING of the Christ Consciousness from within, having the mind-set of Christ.

“Crown (head) Chakra (energy space between body and spirit) ~Spiritual, Superconsciousness, Church of Lacodicea in the book of Revelations, related to Christ Consciousness Mind-Set.  The location of the Crown Chakra, is at the crown of the head, the location of our soft spot as a baby. The Crown Chakra governs Cosmic Consciousness- this is our connection to spiritual wisdom, truth and healing.” ~Healing Cosmetologist Copyright © August 2015 Nicole Lee

“The Crown Chakra rules brain control and allows us to gain access to our multidimensional consciousness.

Your truest self transcends human consciousness.  Superconsciousness is the highest of consciousness.

Aligning one’s Truest Self to the Divine Almighty God will activate the Christ within you!

Awake and be Enlightened to the existence of Royalty that you are, Awake the Christ from within!!”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee