“What is Polyenergetic?”

“What is Polyenergetic?”

“Polyenergetic is the ability to spread your energy to many.

During this shift we’re experiencing throughout the universe, it is very important that you share your energy with those who exchange the same vibrational frequency.

Pure intentions should be the goal to share and acquire good vibrations.

Question? So how can you tell if someone vibes the same frequency as you? If they UPLIFT your MOOD it is a POSITIVE vibration. If they FEED your FEARS it is a NEGATIVE vibration.

Vibrations can be felt during conversation or just standing next to someone.

Question? So how do I keep my vibration at a high positive frequency??

Spend more time around POSITIVE people, laughter, rest, daily positive affirmations, meditation, less TV and ALWAYS preserve energy for yourself to keep from being drained as you give!”

I send LOVE and LIGHT!