“The Warrior Moms® Official Photographers”

“The Warrior Moms® Official Photographers”

Have you ever wondered who has been taking the awesome pictures of the Warrior Moms® Project?

Well, in my article titled, “How to build an Empire”, I shared the following:

“In my experience, I’ve discovered that as a Parent, Children are the power base of your being. Children need to be inspired and encouraged at ALL times. Sacrificial offering? YOUR TIME. Your children are the reason of WHY the manifestation of your Empire even exist. To acquire a great Empire, it is required that one pours their most valuable knowledge to those who love and support you. Not only is a supportive foundation required, having an Entrepreneurial mindset is necessary for a successful Empire.”

With this being said and to answer the question, “Who are the Warrior Moms® Photographers?”, MY CHILDREN are! Yes, two of my three children has shared a desire for Entrepreneurship and Photography. I’ve hired my children to explore, learn, discover and enjoy the idea of Entrepreneurship!

I’m so proud of my children, they are my major support system during this journey. And in return, I support their desires. Congratulations to Devin & Dejah for becoming the Official Photographers of The Warrior Moms® Project!

Welcome to the Empire!

Love and Light,

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