Warrior Moms-A Business Model Creation

Warrior Moms-A Business Model Creation

Here’s a list of Warrior Moms Product Creations:

-Warrior Moms Journal

-Emotional Remedy Calendar

-Book inspired- “How to Emotional Paralysis- A Guide for Single Moms”

-FII (family independence initiative) partnership

-Wall Street Warriors Investment Group

– “Warrior Survival Kit” focus group and stipend opportunity for single moms

-Warrior Mom documentary screened at Cindependant Film Festivals

-Warrior Moms Playwright, “Savagery”- A Cinematic Therapeutic Production

-Emotional Intelligence Training

-Community TV Show

-Podcast episodes: #1 True Hustler of the Universe- The Single Mom and Warrior Moms Finale event

-ICE House Entrepreneurial Training

And NOW, my newest self published book, “The Warrior Moms Project-10 months with 10 grand” coming SOON!

Motherhood continues…it’s back to mothering my OWN! #MicDropped! Ase! (And so it is!)

More insight? www.WarriorMoms.us