“The Salon Favor Experience” By Nicole Lee

“Salon Favor is a place that appeals to all of the senses. The Afrocentric décor with colors of the earth and setting sun appeals to the eyes; the soft mixture of Neosoul and Christian music captivates the ears with anticipation of the next song. Instantly you will become aware of sweet smells coming from the hair products used to revitalize the hair of clients. Served is always your choice of herbal tea or coffee coupled with your choice of flavored creamer. Beverages at Salon Favor await your mouth to sip as you anticipate your name being called to this artist’s chair.

Stylist Nicole Lee is the artist who is putting into action the gift that GOD has given to her. She commands the curling iron to spin the hair into the direction that you visualized with your mind but could not quite put into words. This stylist’s gift allowed her to know exactly what you meant. She works the comb and shears like a maestro conducting an orchestra. When Nicole is finished you can’t help but touch your hair as you look at the beautiful crown that now adorns your head. You smile with satisfaction and joy! As you walk to your car, you see your reflection in the windows of the Salon and see how the sun shines on your beautifully coiffed hair. By now you realize that you have been touched by an artist that God has given gifted you. Nicole has been graced with the gift to beautify the crowns of his children filling them with the spirit of love, self-esteem and confidence He wants us to have.

You begin to get a little pep in your step and a twinkle in your eye because you know you get to experience this blessing again at your next already-scheduled appointment. This is what I experienced every time I came to Salon Favor and Nicole performed her talent on my hair. It was a wonderful time filled with professionalism, laughter, relaxation, perfection, and fun.

Nicole has a gift and she activates it, which certainly gives compliment to the Creator. What a blessing her gift has been to me.

Thanks, Love Shar”

FOREWORD in “Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee

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