“MOTHERHOOD-The NEW Sexy” By Nicole Lee

“MOTHERHOOD-The NEW Sexy” By Nicole Lee


“Woman is the Sub-Conscious Mind of God- which means she has the ability to tap into God’s presence and receive messages without reasoning, it’s an Intuitive gift.

The responsibility of parenting allows one to experience Unconditional Love. Children are the power base and foundation of one’s grounding. Our responsibility as a Mother is to teach and nurture these Divine Being’s God has gifted us to be in charge of. Mothers are their children’s first teachers.

As time consuming children are, and because of the world we live in today, children NEED to be covered by God- the Divine Creator of all that is GOOD, Loved Unconditionally, Inspired, Encouraged and LIFE spoken into their Hearts and Spirits at ALL times. Time is the sacrificial offering.

Mothers have the power to feed into their children’s expanded powers. This power dwells within their Spirit. A Mother has the power to pour into her children when their Spirit is in need of light. Children nowadays are born with a knowing that they are destined to be great. Mothers have the power to feed into this expanded power.

As a Mother, I’ve learned that when God is creating and producing greatness within Self and your offspring’s, one MUST put in the WORK.  As a Mother, WORK includes:

1. Unceasing Prayer thru out the day AND night for her children. A simple prayer as: “God, Creator of ALL things Good, please cover my children with your protective armor of Love. Pour your love and Spirit within their Spirits so they will live life with abundant joy!

2. Sharing and Speaking the Word of God to her children. Specifically Psalms 34 and 143. Psalms 34 releases vibrations that speak against anyone that is a negative influence towards your children. Psalms 143 releases vibrations that speaks against negative emotions you may sense upon your child.

3. Speaking and Memorizing Positive Affirmations daily. A simple affirmation as: “I am Love, I am Joy, I am Peace.” Affirmations can be written on pieces of construction paper throughout the house in key areas where your children dwell; such as: Bedrooms walls, bathrooms, refrigerators and the entrance door to your home.

4. Creating a Peaceful and Loving atmosphere within the home by cleansing of unwanted negative energy. Here’s a suggestion for creating a peaceful atmosphere: Open your doors and windows. Read the 37th Psalm out loud while walking around your entire house. Walk in the corners of each room. The aroma of sage,lavender or frankincense is ideal to use during this practice.

5. Love Unconditionally. Develop a habit of hugging and speaking the words, “I love you” during the day and every night before your children go to bed.

6. Practice daily, tools necessary to be the Spirit of Light so your children can feed upon you when their Spirit is in need of Light. Meditation is the suggested tool to use to cleanse the negative residue of everyday life.

7. Every day is a new day. Every day is a new beginning to become a better person, a better Mother. On a daily basis, create a quiet space for 20 minutes without thought. Quiet the mind from any stresses of the day. Let go and let God! Classical music is a great stress releaser .

8. Discipline yourself, for it takes 30 days to create a habit. Over time, you will master quieting your mind. This practice of meditation will give you the power to pray unceasingly throughout the day and night for your children.

Now of course, shelter, food and clothing are a given, that’s plenty enough right there! Yet the world we dwell in, requires much more of a covering of protection against the things unseen. The forces that dwell that are not of good, are lurking to destroy the children of the world. There is no better time than now to begin these suggested practices to fight against any thing that is trying to come against you and your children’s greatness!

Allow God to be in TOTAL control and you’ll finally see the worth in letting go and letting God. Just Breathe, Trust and Let go!!”

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee

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