“Healing thru Storytelling”

“Healing thru Storytelling”

“I’d like to share this storytelling template that was gifted by Chuck and Mary Collins who poured their positive energy and light during an event with my organization- Warrior Moms.

I never realized how effective a storytelling circle could create  healing space.  Speaking your truth among strangers reveals authenticity from within.  I share this in hopes that you, the reader- may use as a tool to free yourself of doubt and fears from within! I’ve tweaked it a bit to use it without an audience. This is a ONE on ONE tool for SELF. I truly believe one must be healed from within 1st with SELF before shared with others.

Enjoy and Happy Healing!

Objective: This will help you bring your story ALIVE. We will go over themes and techniques in storytelling. You will take a personal narrative and make it a lively story that engages your audience.

Here’s a guide to write your story: 

Who are the Characters?

Place/Setting of this story?

Why are you telling this story?

Set the tone for this story, the setting is where your story takes place. Use your 6 senses to describe (see, feel, hear, touch, taste, intuition (gut feeling).

Brainstorm the theme to your story:

Themes: love, job, accidents, win, family, siblings, loses, most embarrassing, breakdowns, trust, fear, wealth, friends, sex, survival, parenting, school, spiritual warfare, marriage, faith, community, choices, giving, sacrificing, pain, endurance, enemies, relationships, spiritual awakenings, God, poverty.

What is your THEME?

Key moments in your life?

Now record this story via video, once you watch it, you’ll see the ahh in your presence in which confirms your greatness.  After, share this story with someone and ask for their feedback. Their feedback will allow you to expand your story in deeper thought. This will allow you to learn more about why you are who you are.

Continue this practice by using different themes and see how you’ll expand your light inside out.  Storytelling is healing and therapeutic!”

Love and Light,


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