“God, Self, Family then Business” By Nicole Lee

“God, Self, Family then Business” By Nicole Lee

“There is a formula to TRUE prosperity, abundance, and success: God + Self + Family + Business = True SUCCESS!
God, who is the Creator of ALL things that are good, has given us the ability to become great. Our greatness manifests when we walk in the alignment of our purpose in life. Prioritizing our lives to the things that truly matter is key to aligning ourselves to receive the blessings God has for us.

Placing God in the equation as first, sets the tone for what’s next in line. Placing self as the next importance allows God to pour His energy of love, joy, peace, and intelligence into you so that you may duplicate that in others. Family, whether it is your parents, siblings, spouse, children, or loyal friends, placing them next in the equation will allow you to see what God has planted in you as you pour into them.

During the creation of this foundation, God then pours His Favor upon you because you understand and apply the mathematics of His Universe. The desires of your heart manifest instantaneously because you asked. In manifesting your heart’s desires, God will guide you and send people your way to help you achieve the desires of your heart.

Faith without works is dead.

The abundance of blessings from God comes in many forms: monetary and generational favor, just to name a few.
Monetary abundance allows all needs and desires to be met. This also allows one to help others in need and develop Empires. In my experience, I’ve discovered that as a Parent, Children are the power base of your being. Children need to be inspired and encouraged at ALL times. Sacrificial offering? YOUR TIME. Your children are the reason of WHY the manifestation of your Empire even exists!

To acquire a great Empire, it is required that one pours their most valuable knowledge to those who love and support them!”

Not only is a supportive foundation required, having an Entrepreneurial mindset is necessary. When you begin to REALIZE the knowledge that you’ve acquired during adulthood is valuable, you then have recognized that: “Intellectual Property is the Highest Commodity!”

1. Be a doer.

2. Turn thought into action.

3. DISCIPLINE yourself.

“Do not be arrogant. By being arrogant, you admit to the world that you are scared but are not able to acknowledge this. By being humble, you admit to your daily fears, but you fight through these and in the process, you create true friendships.”
~Brad Snyder 1994 #houseofcigars

God has placed everything we need inside of our being to accomplish our destiny. Aligning and prioritizing our life to the things that truly matter is the SUCCESS.

Putting God first, then taking care of self allows one to pour life and good energy into family and then business. This equation manifests the peace of God which passeth ALL understanding to keep our minds in perfect peace.”

Excerpt from book #2 “Insight” Copyright © 2017 Nicole Lee. Order a copy today! http://www.lulu.com/shop/nicole-lee/insight/paperback/product-23493202.html