“Frozen Psychological State”

“Frozen Psychological State”

“….by throwing the nigger female savage into a frozen psychological state of independency, by killing the protective male image by creating a submissive dependent mind of the nigger male savage, we have created an orbiting cycle that turns on its own axis forever, unless a phenomenon occurs and reshifts the positions of the female savages.” ~Willie Lynch Letter 1712

“A frozen psychological state of independence for a black woman explains the “independent women” role we’ve been taught as little girls.  Although I saw what a man looks like when he’s covering and providing for his family, my mother always told me to “always take care of yourself because you can’t always depend on man to take care of you.”

Whether it was a right or wrong statement to teach, it was a smart statement for my future.  Because of my past circumstance, I had to grab hold to that statement and it saved and protected me and my children.

During conversations with single and/or married women, they always talked about having secret savings accounts.  I believe it goes back to when women were so dependent on their husbands, that when he died or left her for another woman, women found themselves handicapped with no thought or idea “what” to do with themselves and their children without man.

Careers became the priority over bearing children and becoming a stay at home mom because of the open opportunities during the women lib era.  Women now have choices.  Of course, with change, everything comes with a price. With this new energy of thought for women, it became competitive with men and while this battle is going on, children are being birthed in the middle of this power struggle. This battle created a new trend of teaching our children to power struggle within relationships.

From my experience of being an independent woman (head of household, overseer/provider of children daily needs, successful entrepreneur, a go getter) over time it became overrated, lonely and quite draining!

I realize as woman, I am capable to do ALL.  I later realized once I asked God to guide me towards my life purpose, I no longer had the desire to do ALL.  Then and only then is when I began to shift naturally into position as woman/mother and ASKED for help.

Again, I believe women are very capable to do all, but I do not believe I was created for such.  I embrace my place as woman and mother….and I LOVE it!

“And even though I can do all these things
by my damnself, I need you” ~ “The fact is I need you” by Jill Scott

This new order I’m experiencing is MY natural state of being. This natural state of being has allowed me to operate in MY life purpose… MY reason for being created!” ~Nicole Lee

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