Counsel to the Entrepreneur,LLC Asheville Chamber of Commerce

Counsel to the Entrepreneur,LLC Asheville Chamber of Commerce

Nicole Lee calls herself the Counsel to the Entrepreneur. As a business consultant, she channels her expertise in listening to counsel her clients on pursuing their business goals. It’s a holistic approach that comes from Nicole’s own passions as an entrepreneur.

Tell us about your business and the role you play in it.

My name is Nicole Lee-Author, Owner of Counsel to the Entrepreneur where I’m a holistic sounding board for CEO’s, entrepreneurs and single moms seeking paths out of poverty; by listening and guiding the client to develop actionable and successful growth strategies, -Podcast Host of “Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences” and founder of Warrior Moms 501 C-3, social enterprise -with advanced knowledge of universal law coupled with business success strategies, personal growth and spiritual tools to enhance one’s life.

Service and Products offered:

-A Wholistic Sounding Board for CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and single moms seeking paths out of poverty

-A Zoom power point course, “How to Eradicate Fear- A guide for Entrepreneurs”

-Publications that assist with higher consciousness and self-empowerment

-Juice Plus-fruit and vegetable supplements

-CBD supplements


  • Visual solutions and tools to assist with our current times.
  • Awake and enlighten the spirit from within by listening and guiding to develop actionable and successful growth strategies.
  • Eradicate negative thinking
  • Create a framework of prioritizing and simplicity
  • Develop a realistic map towards achieving one’s goals
  • Guidance to shift from problem mode to solution mode
  • Alignment of the Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Tools to pivot from the effects of COVID-19

How did you get your idea or concept for the business? How did you decide on a name?

While marketing my self- published books, I decided to offer a complimentary counsel session with the purchase of my book.  I realized then, that I had a niche, the conversations that ignited during the counsel session made me realize that from the reading of my book, I created higher consciousness.  This is how the birth of Counsel to the Entrepreneur, LLC evolved.  The name came upon me during a dream. When I was about 10 yrs old, I had an ability to listen and “hear” exactly what someone was sharing with me.  I was able to repeat what I heard deep within their spirit.  Perfect strangers have always been drawn to my light, they seem to feel comfortable sharing their inner most thoughts.  As a Salon owner and managing cosmetologist for 20 years, prepared me for this career as a Counsel to the Entrepreneur.  As a Stylist, we are really therapist that offer hair services, lol.  This has been my experience and now I’ve channeled my expertise of listening to now a career as owner of Counsel to the Entrepreneur.

What makes your business unique in its field?

Business consulting is the ideal title in my filed, I chose “counsel” because it’s more of a personal and therapeutic approach.  My expertise is a more holistic and healing approach that ignites the mind, body and spirit.

During your first year of business, what was the greatest lesson you learned?

The greatest lesson learned is never tell everybody your ideas and goals in life unless they too are on the same path in life.  I realized when you share to those who don’t have a plan for life, they tend to down play your vision in which can destroy your passion for your desires.  Unfortunately, those closes to you are the ones who perform such pain…

Where do you see your business in the next year?

I see my business prospering with an increase of customers from businesses, corporations and organizations and sales from my publications and products.  My services and publications are much needed in the midst of this uncertainty.   I have an offering that will help pivot folks out of uncertainty for their personal and business life. The next five?  My services and products will become a very valuable global commodity, “Oh that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory, expand my opportunities so that I can be a vessel for God globally”, this is an affirmation I have spoken for over 10 years and it has and will manifest!

How has COVID-19 changed your approach to your business?

COVID-19 has given me a fearless attitude because what else could go wrong?  In the midst of COVID-19, I did the brave entrepreneurial thing, I relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio, where I had begun to develop a successful for-profit/non-profit business and uprooted my family and I to Asheville, NC! Why would someone do that in the midst of uncertainty?  This is the perfect time to jump because in that brave and fearless moment, defeating all possibilities to fail, that is where you’ll find untapped opportunities because no one else is doing it!  Opportunities are wide open as the rest of the world is paralyzed in fear.  My services and products offerings is exactly what everybody is seeking and I am here to serve and heal!  Relocating to Asheville, NC is a place where I have found solace and in this solace I am able to continue being a productive mother to my children, assisting them towards their greatness in the midst of uncertainty as well as operating in my life’s purpose work to serve and heal to those seeking peace of mind.

Why did you decide to join the Chamber?

As an entrepreneur and new resident to Asheville, joining the Chamber is the welcoming mat I needed to connect with the entrepreneurial world of Asheville, NC.

What is your favorite part about doing business in the Asheville area?

The southern hospitality, magical energy from the mountains, trees and lake.

What else would you like to share about your business?

With the copy of an autographed book via Paypal, you will receive a 30 minute free counsel session!  Order a copy today at or email me at

I send love, light and healing to all!

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