Citizen University-Civic Seminary

Citizen University-Civic Seminary

God has given me the opportunity to attend a Civic Seminary training in Seattle Washington sponsored by Citizen University, here’s more details about this blessing and the next….


“You were chosen as a Civic Seminarian because your application exhibited a level of dedication, leadership, and thoughtfulness toward building a culture of powerful, responsible citizenship. At Citizen University, we work to empower civic catalysts (that’s you!) to spread the belief that a strong democracy depends on strong citizens, and to equip you with the skills and language to be able to share these core beliefs in your community. As you already know, the Civic Seminary will train you to put on your own Civic Saturday gatherings, a model that Citizen University developed, and lead your community toward a renewed sense of moral purpose in civic life.

The core objective of the Civic Seminary is to prepare civic catalysts to begin their own Civic Saturday gatherings, which you will soon be learning all about. After the Civic Seminary, we ask that you return home and set to work planning your own Civic Saturday gatherings. Your task is to put on a minimum of two Civic Saturdays, within six months of graduating the Civic Seminary. Want to do more than that, or continue longer than six months? Great! While we only require you to do two, continuing your Civic Saturday practice beyond that is highly encouraged, as you will be uniquely positioned to lead and carry out this gathering. We’ll prepare you during the Seminary to plan all aspects of Civic Saturday, and we’ll also be providing follow-up support after the Civic Seminary.

As you already know, in the Civic Seminary, you will:

-Feel empowered as a civic leader to lead your community towards a sense of renewed civic purpose and moral clarity
-Explore the ethical foundations of your beliefs (and those of others)
–Learn to craft and deliver catalytic civic sermons
Learn about, discuss, and grapple with the concept of American Civic Religion
-Leave with the tools to be able to plan at least 2 Civic Saturday gatherings in your own communities within 6 months”

So…what will I create as a Civic Saturday Gathering???

Details COMING SOON!!!