Chuck Collins Supports The Warrior Moms Movement

Chuck Collins Supports The Warrior Moms Movement

“During the journey of celebrating the single mothers of Avondale, North College Hill and Price Hill with a Makeover photoshoot, “how to build generational wealth” became the topic of the day. Prior to this, Peoples Liberty staff gifted the entire Warrior Moms team with Chuck Collins book, “Born on Third Base”. After an email and face to face introduction in November, he and his wife, Mary, have agreed to share insight of “How to build Wealth from the bottom up- Myths and Realities” and facilitate a workshop “Healing thru Storytelling” for the Warrior Moms community, family and friends.

Warrior Moms Vision: All single moms embrace a mind-set for success. Warrior Moms Mission: To enable Single moms to overcome the emotional paralysis that comes from living in poverty.

Friday, January 19th event objective is to align the vision of the entrepreneurial spirited in the right direction towards wealth. The Warrior Moms community, friends and family consist of many Entrepreneurs. The purpose of this event is to make sure every Entrepreneur’s vision can be monetized, including The Warrior Moms Project. This confirms Warrior Moms Vision. Saturday, January 20th workshop objective is to help bring one’s story alive by practicing themes and techniques thru storytelling. Participants will take a personal narrative and make it a lively story that engages an audience in 5 minutes. This storytelling template was gifted to me to brand as a Warrior Moms offering that will be used as a tool throughout all poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Storytelling is therapeutic, it frees the mind, it heals your past, gives you overstanding about why you are who you are, acceptance and movement for the possibility to a life of purpose. This confirms Warrior Moms Mission.

In conclusion:

January 19th Event Insight:  This event ignited the consciousness of the people who were present. Knowledge was shared, and ignorance was eradiated.
January 20th Event Insight:  This event created a safe space to free self from doubt and fears. ”

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