CBD (Cannabinoids)

CBD (Cannabinoids)

CBD (hemp)  is the non-psychoactive (No THC) compound from the Cannabis plant.  Our Endocannabinoid System is a component of our nervous system that regulates our moods of stress, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep and pain due to inflammation.

In my experience using CBD (hemp), I have found relief from pain and stress.  I’ve tried the vape pen, salve, tinctures, capsules, gum and seltzer water.

I have found that tinctures are the most effective for extreme pain, stress and anxiety, because of how you ingest it into your body- under the tongue (sublingual) .  This application allows the active ingredient of CBD (hemp) oil to be directly absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth. There are many blood vessels under the tongue which transfer directly to the bloodstream.  This application bypasses the digestive system and processing of the liver- therefore the effects of CBD (hemp) oil are not decreased by digestion.

One of my favorite CBD (hemp) tinctures, is a strain from the Cannabis plant- Sativa.  This strain has an increase of terpenes (aromatic hydrocarbon molecules within the cannabis plant) which increases your energy level.

I’ve also found the Salve to be very effective for pain used as a topical solution.  In my experience, the best remedy for aches and pain is to apply the Salve on the entire body after showering with peppermint soap, then enter into a hot sauna (at home or your local gym) for 10 minutes.  This practice will give you relief from aches and pain for a whole month!

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Love and Light,

Nicole Lee