“How to Build an Empire”- Part 2

“How to Build an Empire”- Part 2

“In Part 1 Series of “How to build an Empire”, overall, insight was shared as follows:

“To acquire a great Empire, it is required that you pour your most valuable knowledge and love energy to those that love, support and benefit the manifestation of your greatness!” 

Not only is the creation of a God steered, strong and loving foundation required, having an Entrepreneurial mindset is necessary.  When you begin to REALIZE the knowledge that you’ve acquired throughout your life is valuable, you have recognized that:

“Intellectual Property is the Highest Commodity™” ~Nicole Lee

Here’s 3 simple phrases to remember while building your Empire:

1.    Be a doer.

 2.    Turn thought into action.

 3.    DISCIPLINED yourself.

 “Do not be arrogant. By being arrogant you admit to the world that you are scared but are not able to acknowledge this. By being humble you admit to your daily fears, but you fight through these and in the process, you create true friendships.” ~Brad Snyder 1994 #HouseOfCigars

Love and Light,

Nicole Lee

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