“Beauty Professional Marketing” By Nicole Lee

“Everyone who has made the conscious decision to become a Beauty Professional should make a conscious decision to become successful!  The Hair and Beauty Business is a 12 Billion Dollar Industry. This trade is one of the few that is a recession proof business.  As long as you have the Desire, Talent and a Business Mind-Set, success will be upon you and your business!

Below is a list of suggested ideas, once put into action, you WILL become a successful Beauty Professional:

  • Define your specialty; whether it is that you are great at hair cutting, color, natural hair care or hair extensions.  Speak who you are!
  • Create a Business Plan: this is a road map that will guide you towards your goals.
  • YOU are your best advertisement – ALWAYS look your VERY best!  If you’re a Stylist, your hair should be styled ALL the TIME, if you’re a Nail Technician, your nails should look nice EVERYDAY, if you’re a Barber, your hair should be tight ALWAYS- hairline, beard, goatee- ALL of you!”
  • “Here’s my advice based on my experiences: Be a WALKING advertisement of what you represent… if you are a Cosmetologist, your HAIR, your CLOTHES, your JEWELRY, your SHOES and most definitely yo SWAGGER…. should ALWAYS be fly – A-L-W-A-Y-S!! Exude the Beauty from within!” ~excerpt from “Healing Cosmetologist” by Nicole Lee

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