“Are you a Resourceful Beauty Professional?” By Nicole Lee

“When a client puts themselves in your styling chair, allowing you to use your skills to make them more beautiful (inside and out), they are usually showing a great deal of trust.

Focusing on healthy and positive thoughts as far as a Beauty Professional is concerned – is a must. Barber and Stylist, understand what exactly you are touching. The head/Crown CHAKRA (energy space between body and spirit) is the space that the barber/stylist touches constantly. You must be aware of the energy/power transfered from stylist to customer. When you become aware of this energy field, you will begin to draw customers in need of healing. Their Spirit recognizes your power before you do; that’s why one MUST protect their aura/space. You are a light and you draw ALL.

Once you begin to concentrate on this knowledge and you continue to do your very best work with your clients, you will see your skills improve and since you are the closest to your clients while they begin to beautify and feel better…you will see the immense difference the positive energy within you makes.

With this power, you have influence over your clients. With this power I suggest offering positive insight about their hair as well as their personal life. They’re sitting there, spilling out their most intimate emotions. You say you’re not a psychiatrist? Yes you are, and since this is the case, create your Salon to offer tools for personal insight.
Here are some suggestions for creating a Resourceful Salon:
1. Continued education is necessary for your skill and business success. Operating as a successful business, sharing product knowledge and retailing healthy hair and skin care products will keep your appointment book full.

2. Stay informed about what’s going on in the world. Study insight on the solutions to the World’s chaos. This creates great conversation and your clients will realize you are more than just a Beauty Professional. It’s ok to be Intelligent.

3. Create a space/library of knowledge for your clients as they evolve. Display reading material about Self-Improvement, Meditation and Relaxation, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Herbal Remedies, Educational Resources, Wealth Building and Parenting Tools. Your clients will have an “Experience” at the Salon instead of an “Appointment”.

4. Place conversation games around your Salon near the reception and hair dryer area. This will ignite intellectual conversations thru-out the Salon among other clients. This will keep a positive and educational conversation flow instead of gossip.

This addition will separate you from surrounding competing Salons and draw an increase of business. Do more than just hair, skin and nails! Become a Salon that service the Body, Mind and Spirit-service the WHOLE person!”

Excerpts from “Healing Cosmetologist” Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee.