“Nicole Lee gave me the framework for prioritizing. She helped me move in the direction of simplicity, as I’ve been praying for.” ~ Julia B.

“I was going thru a rough period in my business life and Nicole gave me some affirmations and helped me get rid of my negative thoughts. I was so impressed by the way her words and energy affected me“ ~ Chris J.

“My consultation with Nicole was powerful. When I went to Nicole I had a million things on my to do list. I expressed how I am currently not in a “happy” place and that I have no idea how to change it. Nicole let me ramble for about 30 minutes never interrupting but taking it all in and from that she was able to map and piece together the steps that I need to begin taking.” ~ Marcia W.


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“Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences” Podcast Episodes include: “Love Letter to a King”, “#1 True Hustler of the Universe- The Single Mother”, “Healing Cosmetologist”, “Dream Interpretations” and much more- Listen, Learn and Enjoy!!

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• Founder and President of Warrior Moms

• 2016 Peoples Liberty Grantee Recipient

• 2007 Nefertiti Award Winner

• President of BOBSA Ohio Chapter


“Nicole Lee’s writings has truly blessed me with some incredible insight- filled with positive vibrations, guidance and insight to awakening your own inner healer. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar. I am so grateful to know Nicole as my friend and mentor.”~ Amanda J.


I Send LOVE and LIGHT to you ALL!

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