Nicole Lee is an Entrepreneur, Author, and Visionary. She has over 20 years of experience and knowledge in the Hair and Beauty Industry, advanced knowledge of Universal Law, and Spiritual tools used for enhancing one’s life towards bliss.

“It is well known that in order to change a person’s behavior or to ignite their gifting, you must first change their thinking, thereby expanding thoughts and abilities.”  ~ Nicole Lee 

Healing Cosmetologist is a book about Nicole Lee’s Spiritual journey, the secret success of the Hair and Beauty Industry and the power of Healing that dwells in the hands of Beauty Professionals. Click here to order in print or download her Publications.



Service Offerings:

We offer a full set consulting services suited to assist the alignment of the body, mind and spirit!

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• Urban League AABDP

• Lead Developer of BBIN

• 2007 Nefertiti Award Winner

• President of BOBSA Ohio Chapter


“Nicole is more than my Stylist; she is my personal coach, and healer of my mind, body, and soul. Our time together leaves my soul refreshed. I will forever be transformed by her light.”- Jennie T.


“Welcome!  We cater to those who desire to experience Positive love energy for their Body, Mind and Spirit!”

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