Warrior Moms Vision: All single mothers embrace a mindset for success. Warrior Moms Mission: To enable the single mother the ability to eradicate emotional paralysis that comes from living in poverty.

If you’re seeking support, light, spiritual warfare and atmospheric cleansing tools, tools to eradicate F>E>A>R and anxiety, positive affirmations and much more?

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“SAVAGERY”- Frozen Psychological Mind-Set

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Written by Nicole Lee, Michael Sickles, Nikita Anderson, Brett Forney and Shante Franklin.

“Willie Lynch and Jim Crow are two ideals that played a major role in the structure and foundation of the men most single mothers of color will encounter. Each identity has played an active economical and societal role in the exploitation and manipulation of the family structures pertaining to people of color. Willie Lynch was the single mother’s hidden figure who was incorporated into the family structure during slavery and much thereafter.”



Enjoy Warrior Mom, Nicole Lee’s journey of the birth of The Warrior Moms Project……




One who is Unconditionally Loving.  Love develops compassion which allows a Warrior to serve people in need of assistance to achieve higher expectations of Self.  Commitment to love Self is how a Warrior extends love to humanity.

 This is her Beauty! 

Having the ability to sense a shift in energy and atmosphere and has the power to change the vibration of their surrounding atmospheres. 

 This is her Power!  

 One who is Disciplined both internally and externally which means to embrace sacrifice of comfort and convenience.  Discipline allows a Warrior to follow their own heart even when tempted by another person’s opinion or belief systems.

 This is her Strength!





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