God’s Favor has poured upon Nicole Lee – Author, Entrepreneur, Visionary and Founder of The Warrior Moms® Project.   As the 2016 Haile’s Foundation Grantee thru the People’s Liberty organization, The Warrior Moms® Project is a solution to a civic challenge that will envision a supportive network of single mothers who are rewarded with a day of tools, resources and  beauty – necessary to continue the works of raising our future leaders of the world – Our Children!

Nicole has been graced with the gift to beautify the crowns of his children filling them with the spirit of love, self-esteem and confidence He wants us to have. Nicole has a gift and she activates it, which certainly gives compliment to the Creator”. ~Sharla C.

What else do I do with this gift? That moment came in 2016 when I applied to the Haile Foundation grant through its People’s Liberty program. It’s my 1st interview, and the CEO is advising me on my 3 ideas. During conversation as I share with him my background, he says while holding his head, “I don’t know how you single mothers do what you do?!” Then the puzzle began to piece together with help of the People’s Liberty advisors,” Create a project where my craft and gift combines with what I’m passionate about- Beauty and Motherhood.  Warrior Moms® was birthed to do just that!


Warrior Moms FOCUS:

Emotional Well-Being, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment

There is a lot of work to be done to achieve an equitable world and it is going to require people working across against oppressive forces that fuel inequity. Today, we still have mass incarceration of our black men. There are 2.3 million people imprisoned in the U.S. Statistics project, 1 out of 3 black males can expect to be incarcerated sometime in his life. Understand, it’s a conspiracy to keep our men from participating in the care, development, and support of the family. In the United States, single mother’s make-up 23 % of the 73.7 million children under age 18 in this country, according to the 2016 U.S. Census Bureau Report.

Warrior Moms mission is to eradicate emotional paralysis among single mothers who live in poverty.

I am a single mother and I know firsthand of the struggles and victories as a single mom. This is life purpose work for me as I share insights, remedies, tools, resources, products, and support for the purpose of living your best life as a Queen, Woman, and Mother!

Our goal is to provide opportunities in emotional/mental well-being and entrepreneurial training to develop the entrepreneurial mind-set and business success. We will tailor our services for solutions to the challenge and opportunities identified to address the emotional healing of single moms, her children and her support system.


 -Emotional Well-Being Tools and Practices

 -Entrepreneurial Success Training

-Intellectual Property Product Creation Opportunities

-Personal and Professional Development

-Research Analysis Stipend Programs

-Stress Management


So, over time, Warrior Moms as an organization has developed, owned and copywritten intellectual products such as, a podcast episode called “#1 True Hustler, The Single Mother”, An Emotional Remedies Calendar, Warrior Survival Kits, Journals, “How to Eradicate Emotional Paralysis- A Guide for Single Moms”, A documentary creation called “The Warrior Moms Project”, that was filmed at the Cindependant Film Festival, and a playwright written by single moms and sons raised by single moms called “Savagery” in which was staged at Magnetic Theatre during Juneteenth’s GRINDfest event. This production is an example model that ignites a path towards entrepreneurship by monetizing pain.


  • “Warrior Moms Programs has given me a sisterhood that I can trust and share my experiences.”
  • “This program has been extremely helpful in helping me during a very stressful period in my life.”
  • “The quotes in the book helped me to remember to stay focused and let life be, now I’m closer to getting my ideas and dreams that have been dormant for years, rolling!”
  • “I was able to clear my mind after reading the affirmation book, using these tools helped me stay calm and in tune!”
  • “This program was right on time, it made me realize how everyone who suffers from whatever situation you find yourself in, could find solace with others in the same situation.”
  • “The Warrior Moms experience allowed me to awaken my purpose and explore all the possibilities life really can bring. This experience changed my thinking and tapped me back into the creative part of myself which I had lost.”
  • “Warrior Moms created a space that allowed my creative artistic mind to ignite growth and healing around issues that relate to our current cultural climate, resulting from the emotional psychological paralysis experience by many of us living in physical and mental poverty.
  • “This project has kicked started many ideas and possibilities to create and potentially impact the African American community to foster hope while promoting healing.
  • “Warrior Moms builds leaders!”