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If you desire insight on Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Chakra Healing, Sexual Soul-Ties, Positive Affirmations, How to Write Your Own Book, Tools to Eradicating Emotional Paralysis, Spiritual Warfare and understanding of the SHIFT that we’re experiencing Now!

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Healing Cosmetologist is one of the most empowering“Nicole teaches uplifts and builds empires all while healing the spirit! Great book Nicole!” -Azaan K.

“Nicole teaches self-motivation, hope, healing, business, positive affirmations, and spiritual guidance.” ~Tamika O.

“Nicole has been given a gift and a special message especially for those who are able to read between the lines and see the enormous potential both financially and spiritually!” ~Brett F.

“I truly believe that Nicole’s books could be of benefit for those desiring greater growth and a higher consciousness experience in their work field and relationships.”~ Scott H.

Nicole’s book is a guide for every feeling that we as mother’s go through during motherhood. Anytime I have a negative feeling, I pull out this book because it will bring me back.” ~ Marcia W.

“This book is a great tool for me to stay in line with my goals and the things I want in life. I now have affirmations that I speak daily, and I feel much better.” ~ LaTasha H.

“The knowledge that is in the book is very enlightening and the content was very simplified which helped me be more confident about creating my book.” ~Julia B.

” Nicole Lee has written a clear and very concise guide to self-publishing that walks you through the process. Reading this book and having it on hand to refer to has been my motivation to get started on my own book!” ~Cynthia 

“High Vibrational Intakes”


“Juice Plus”

Juice Plus is line of dietary supplements containing concentrated fruit and vegetable juice extracts fortified with added vitamins and nutrients.

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“Kannaway CBD Products”

CBD enhances the effects of your natural brain chemicals and receptors within the body’s own endocannabinoid system (a collection of cell receptors related to mood). ‘CBD oil helps to lift mood and promotes general feelings of well-being.

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“Spiritual Beings Having Human Experiences” Podcast


Check out Episodes:

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True Hustler of the Universe- The Single Mother

Dream Interpretations

Healing Cosmetologist

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Enjoy Nicole’s YouTube Videos sharing insight on Spirituality, Healing and Energy!

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“Nicole Lee’s writings has truly blessed me with some incredible insight- filled with positive vibrations, guidance and insight to awakening your own inner healer. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar. I am so grateful to know Nicole as my friend and mentor.” Amanda J.


• WMBE Certified

• Founder of Warrior Moms

• 2016 Peoples Liberty Grantee Recipient

• 2007 Nefertiti Award Winner

• President of BOBSA Ohio Chapter


“I Send LOVE and LIGHT to you ALL!!”

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