“Healing Cosmetologist”

If you desire insight on Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Chakra Healing, Soul-Ties, Positive Affirmations and being exposed to the #1 Business Plan… “Healing Cosmetologist” is a must read!

Check out what readers are saying about Healing Cosmetologist:

“Healing Cosmetologist is one of the most empowering entrepreneurial, how-to-manuals that I’ve read in a long time! Nicole teaches uplifts and builds empires all while healing the spirit! Great book Nicole!” -Azaan K.

“Healing Cosmetologist is a great book for EVERYONE to read! It teaches self-motivation, hope, healing, business, positive affirmations, and spiritual guidance.  I give much thanks to Nicole Lee for this amazing book and inspiring me to live my dreams.” ~Tamika O.

“I met Nicole at a networking event and we exchanged business cards. I was going thru a rough period in my business life and she gave me some affirmations and helped me get rid of my negative thoughts. I was so impressed by the way her words and energy affected me, I bought her book. I’m not into healing or cosmetology but this book put things in perspective for me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I highly recommend!!!” ~Chris J

“I sincerely hope that the reader of this book understands that the higher forces in life have magnetically attracted them to a source of Healing for the Mind, a source of new power and creative energy, and a revolutionary concept that if taken into practice will be a gateway for the entire beauty industry. Nicole has been given a gift and a special message especially for those who are able to read between the lines and see the enormous potential both financially and spiritually. All can benefit from this writing as she skillfully intertwines metaphysical healing with professional practice. For those who in their life’s profession’s lay hand on other’s in order to service their needs it is guaranteed that if you read this book you will know that you are empowered and have been given a special moment in time to do God’s work, you will know the true meaning of gifting. Healing cosmetologist should be the beauty industry’s bible, excellent!” ~Brett F.

“Healing Cosmetologist is a true gift to anyone wanting to be more of healing presence to others. Whether you are in the cosmetology industry, the health industry, or another I truly believe this book could be of benefit for those desiring greater growth and a higher consciousness experience in their work field and relationships. Summing it up, this book will aid you to become a healing presence to those around you. Nicole is a lovely woman who is passionate, kind, and well spoken in sharing her wisdom.”~ Scott H.

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Insight came into fruition while blogging about my first book, Healing Cosmetologist. During the journey, new titles to books  would ignite during my dream state of being. As I would write down the title, the message would just flow in mind and I would begin to write. This writing journey is mystical and is linked to a higher positive source within the Universe!

Check out what readers are saying about Insight:

“This is a great read for single mothers but just for mothers in general. At the end of the book Nicole lays out how we all got here and life’s journey for everyone but then we look up and say “Wait, this wasn’t the life I wanted”. I love that because it is so true. Our parents, environment, friends, jobs, bad relationships shape us but until we tap into our inner spirit like Nicole explains then you have the anger, loneliness, uncertainty, depression etc., all of these things set in. Instead of staying on this crazy hamster wheel going deeper and deeper into a whole you pull out this book and it’s almost like a guide for every feeling that we as mother’s go through during the course of motherhood. Anytime I have a negative feeling I’m going to pull out this book because it will bring me back. This book is short and sweet and it’s a must have even to keep it in your purse or by your bed on the nightstand. It enlightens, empathizes, and empowers me as a woman. Breathes hope back into me. Loved it!”~ Marcia W.

“I’ve been in poverty my whole life without even knowing what it was because it was just normal to me. Now that I’m older I can recognize the behavior and change to make it better for my children. This book is a great tool for me to stay in line with my goals and the things I want in life. I now have affirmations that I speak daily and I feel much better. Affirmation 2 is what I struggle with “Anger” I know that I’m suppose to forgive but that’s hard. When you are nice and positive people want to drain it from you to make you feel less than, but I will keep the remedy in mind “forgiveness” and make a conscious decision to be happy. Thank you, Nicole Lee, for your greatness and I pray that some of it rubs off on me.” ~LaTasha H.

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“How to Eradicate Emotional Paralysis- Guide book for Single Moms”

In this book, I will share and offer tools to use to overcome the emotional paralysis that seems to manifest overtime during a single mother’s life journey. This is one key component that keeps her from living a purposeful life. This book is a guide and a tool to use and memorize when a negative emotion arises.

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“How to Write and Publish my Own Book”

My experience as a writer began when I was a teenager. Writing became an outlet for my ever-scattered emotions. When no one else would listen, I would write. Writing is freeing, it allows you to pour out your inner most secretive feelings. Your story will help someone….so write, copyright it to protect it, hire an editor, then publish it to receive royalties from your story being told! Intellectual Property is the Highest Commodity!

Hear what readers are saying about How to Write and Publish my Own Book:

“This book is simply amazing! The knowledge that is in the book is very enlightening and the content was very simplified which helped me be more confident about creating my book.” ~Julia B.

I consider this a workbook. Nicole Lee has written a clear and very concise guide to self publishing that walks you through the process. Reading this book and having it on hand to refer to has been my motivation to get started on my own book! Nicole is the truth!
This little book took me to kindergarten! I’ve had a book in me for years but thought the process would be difficult and painful. Nicole’s step-by-step, clear and easy to follow instructions have opened my eyes to how simple publishing a book can be. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with the world.” ~Cynthia W.

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“Healing Beauty”

Chapter by chapter, Nicole gives insight on how to set up your personal space, tools and practices to incorporate into your daily routine and how to make sure your own peace and balance is the key to having everything coming together. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar, it brings comfort, like a long-lost sister or cousin is giving you the guidance that you have been seeking, making it a joy to learn from her and her experiences.

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“Wisdom of a Queen”

Looking back on all my journals from my teens until now, I realized that God has spoken thru all of my writing. Having the ability to write a thought beyond my own thinking is fascinating to me. The language that comes upon me in thought is not of my own, it comes from above. Being an open vessel to receive the thoughts of the Divine God Almighty is an honor and a blessing.

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“Emotional Remedies”

In this Calendar, I will share and offer tools to use to overcome the emotional paralysis that seems to manifest during life’s journey which keeps people from living a purposeful life. Every time you feel these emotions, repeat the suggested remedy until the emotion disappears. Repetition creates habit within the mind and spirit. Overtime, you will master how to eliminate negative emotions that you may experience in life and not allow them to block your path!

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“Nicole Lee’s writings has truly blessed me with some incredible insight- filled with positive vibrations, guidance and insight to awakening your own inner healer. Nicole’s warm and loving personality shines through each word, connecting you in a way that is so familiar. I am so grateful to know Nicole as my friend and mentor.” Amanda J.


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